The Boost C++ Libraries

Chapter 64. Boost.Serialization

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The library Boost.Serialization makes it possible to convert objects in a C++ program to a sequence of bytes that can be saved and loaded to restore the objects. There are different data formats available to define the rules for generating sequences of bytes. All of the formats supported by Boost.Serialization are only intended for use with this library. For example, the XML format developed for Boost.Serialization should not be used to exchange data with programs that do not use Boost.Serialization. The only advantage of the XML format is that it can make debugging easier since C++ objects are saved in a readable format.


As outlined in the release notes of version 1.55.0 of the Boost libraries, a missing include causes a compiler error with Visual C++ 2013. This bug has been fixed in Boost 1.56.0.