The Boost C++ Libraries

Chapter 67. Boost.Signals2

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Boost.Signals2 implements the signal/slot concept. One or multiple functions – called slots – are linked with an object that can emit a signal. Every time the signal is emitted, the linked functions are called.

The signal/slot concept can be useful when, for example, developing applications with graphical user interfaces. Buttons can be modelled so they emit a signal when a user clicks on them. They can support links to many functions to handle user input. That way it is possible to process events flexibly.

std::function can also be used for event handling. One crucial difference between std::function and Boost.Signals2, is that Boost.Signals2 can associate more than one event handler with a single event. Therefore, Boost.Signals2 is better for supporting event-driven development and should be the first choice whenever events need to be handled.

Boost.Signals2 succeeds the library Boost.Signals, which is deprecated and not discussed in this book.